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Monday, March 13, 2017

What is SmartCPA?

SmartCPA is an auto-optimized performance marketing solution that focuses on driving actions along with complete control, transparency and flexibility of self-service advertising.

Who can use?

SmartCPA is available for all advertisers who are using the Self-Serve Platform from PropellerAds or running managed campaigns with the help of our talented team of professionals.

What are the benefits?

Budget optimization and cost-savings
  • Advertising solution that is available for businesses of all sizes – launching of SmartCPA campaign starts from as low as $200.
  • Advertisers pay a small fee for traffic that goes on test campaigns, but as a result get a fully optimized CPA campaign with true performance.
  • No middlemen – you get the total control over your CPA campaigns; no extra spendings of budget and time on a third-party providers.
  • All tracking is done within your account in the Self-Serve Platform; no additional services or platforms required.
Easy to launch and easy to track. You define the goal and the budget, SmartCPA will do the rest.
SmartCPA campaigns are comprised of 3 stages:
  • Creation of a New Campaign – you set your campaign’s goals and budgets.
  • Testing of the Campaign – you watch over automatic testing and optimization.
  • Taking the Campaign Live – you get a fully conversion-optimized campaign with pay-per-action bidding.
How SmartCPA Works?
Ready to try? Get more insights

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