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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Move Your Brands-To-Next-Level with Innovative insights for understanding and succeeding in the global marketplace.

The Banner Impressions Program takes advertisers free ads to the next level by displaying them at the tops of our pages.  These are not pop-up windows.  They are displayed in-line with all of our other content.  If advertisers do not have a banner, they can use the text ad that they created with their free ad automatically.

Gives you the most amount of buyers for the least amount of effort. You get visitors who are ready to buy because you pre-qualify them through your ad message. These are not fake hits or pop-up traffic but genuine human interest

Slash expenses on your advertising and promotion thanks to our affordable credit-based system. Testing your ads on the Impressions Program costs as little as $18.00 and you can increase your promotion as desired.

Make your ad visible on so many websites and get the most exposure for your ad possible. Your ad is prominently displayed at the top of all our pages, on Adlandpro, the Community, and our very own custom pages all over the Internet.

Help you build a list of leads quickly through email. Our exclusive email notification system will alert you instantly, in real-time, when a visitor has clicked your ad with the added bonus that if the person who clicked it is one of our registered members, you will be given an option to follow up with that member.

Helps you learn effective marketing practices. Learn first-hand how to make your campaign effective without investing large amounts of money in the early stages. Experiment with your ad headlines using our statistics system and learn what types of ads work and which ones don't.

If you have no banners you can promote your site using a text ad and save on graphic design costs. If you would like a banner designed, we can design one for your business inexpensively.

Your ad is always displayed on the top of our pages and people will see your ad before anything else on the page loads.

The more attractive your ad, the more visitors your banner will attract. You can directly influence the amount of traffic you receive.

24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to your ad online. Edit and Modify your ad to your liking at any time of day.

Gives you the option to deactivate your ad for any period of time saving you money if your site is down or you are doing maintenance Get access here  OOCORP Ads – …Innovative insights for understanding and succeeding in the global marketplace.

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