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Monday, April 10, 2017

Mobile App is a Game Changer- Create a Business Marketing Mobile App & Grow Your Business

Mobile App development research company, recently surveyed small business (SMB) owners on their primary motivations for building a mobile app.The survey found that SMB owners’ top three reasons for building apps are to improve customer service, to boost sales, and to successfully compete with other businesses.
How can you make sure your mobile app helps your business achieve all three of these goals? 
We’ve found that many small businesses have created Swiftic apps for these same reasons. The ways those businesses successfully use their apps can teach the rest of us a thing or two about making a winning small business app.
Top SMB Mobile App Reasons
Reason 1: to improve customer service
Improving customer service is the number one reason small businesses are building apps, cited by 76% of companies in Clutch’s survey. Apps can be used to connect with your on-the-go customers and open a direct two-way line of communication. You can also reward your customers with coupons and loyalty programs through your app, keeping them coming back for more.

Reason 2: to boost sales

The next biggest reason small businesses are getting into the app game, mentioned by 37% of respondents in Clutch’s survey, is to get more sales.
One way businesses are increasing sales is by offering potential new customers real incentives to download their apps, such as special offers or contests. The app helps people discover your business and makes your brand stand out. Being accessible and top of mind to your customers is another crucial element of increasing sales through a mobile app. 

Reason 3: to run with the big dogs

Finally, Clutch’s survey found that 35% of small businesses with apps created those apps in order to be competitive in the market. Given the affordability of DIY solutions like Swiftic Mobile App, today more and more small businesses are able to build apps that help them level the playing field with their larger competitors. 
Mobile apps are also a means to gain visibility in particular markets.  Swiftic makes mobile technology more accessible to small businesses, which allows them to compete—in real time—with large competitors.

Are these 3 reasons really separate?

Small businesses rely on their loyal customers more than their larger competitors do. Hotels, fitness centers, and retailers all have the opportunity to become familiar, meaningful meeting places within their communities. The upshot for small businesses? These three goals all work together: Having great customer service can help you to drive sales, thus helping you to fare better in a competitive market.
Regardless of their initial reasons for building them, most small businesses with apps will agree that their apps provide a unique way to build brand loyalty by building one-on-one customer relationships.
“The most successful small businesses know that the single deciding factor for them as a competitor is making sure that their loyal customers are treated well and want to keep coming back,” explains Shira Anderson, Marketing Manager here at Swiftic Mobile App . “That is what mobile apps do best. Mobile apps allow you to really reward your loyal customers with a certain exclusivity and intimacy that isn’t available on any other channel.”

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