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Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Search engines simply can not index a frames page. They get to your site and can't go anywhere.  Consider frames like a big 'GO AWAY' sign. If your site does use frames, doorway pages are ideal for better rankings.

Don't stuff the top of your pages with data the engines can't read. Something higher up in your page can be more important that something further down.  Therefore, HTML formatting, images, scripts, etc. toward the top of your page can result in lower ratings.

Website Content should be your #1 priority. Your quest for high placement must start with a good website.  It is important to have a lot of text describing what you do.  Use your keywords in the content, but don't repeat them over and over.

Many search engines rate sites based on 'keyword density'.  This is usually a formula that looks at META Keywords, words in your TITLE, words in paragraph text, words in links to other pages, and even words in the 'ALT' text on your images.  They will even look at different forms of your keywords.

For example, if an important keyword for you is 'FISH', the word 'FISHING' in the body of your document will raise the confidence in the word 'FISH' on some engines Get insights:

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